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Hello, my name is Thomas Walskaar and I am working on a project about the memories people have around video games. For this I am reaching out to anyone who wants to share their stories and memories.

The reason for this is that the rise of digital gaming has created issues of preservation. In this discussion the focus is often on the technical solution, but not so much on the personal aspect. This is something I want to change with my project. I have given it the name ‘Hidden Levels’.

Gaming has always had somewhat of a “low culture” stamp on it. By collecting people’s stories I hope to save some of the impact gaming has on peoples’ lives; both good and bad.

I want to do this by interviewing anyone who has stories they want to share on their personal history with video-games. Ideally I would like to do this face to face, but text chat or email is also an option.

After a while these stories will be published as an online archive with its own website. A printed publication will hopefully follow in the future. If you want to contribute, add your name to the comments or send me an email at thomas(a)walskaar.com.